About Me

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My name is Nikki.

I’m a wife, a mama and a full time professional, and my goal in all my life spaces is to show up as my authentic self.

It sounds pretty simple as words on a screen, but I’ve found from my own struggles (and talking to my dearly beloveds) that social media makes it pretty darn hard sometimes.

So when you come to this space, I welcome you to show up exactly as you are and know that I’m trying to show up exactly as I am as well.

Here you will find recipes, home décor, fashion and other things that I love in hopes that they might bring you joy. Life tends to get cluttered, and I truly believe that if we sort through the muck we can find that we’ve overlooked joy in some of the simplest places.

For me, joy is found in silly moments with my family. In food that makes my body feel good. In clothes that bring out my confidence. In a home that invites people to be themselves. In an ambiance that encourages honest conversations. In spaces where I can breathe.

This blog serves as my journey through it all in hopes that maybe it will help you discover some simple joys as well.

I hope you’ll stay awhile.