From the Husband

I’m Adam but, in this venue, it’d be more meaningful to tell you I’m Nikki’s husband. The only things you really need to know about me are that I love my bride and that I’d much prefer to be on the invisible side of the camera. You could call it ‘shy.’ I prefer ‘discreet.’

But you aren’t here to learn about me- you’re here because you want to know something more about Nikki. Nikki is one of the most genuine spirits I have ever encountered. I think the biggest lie she ever told was when she was 14 and she told her parents she was at a friend’s house when they really had gone to Dinosaur World, an informational exhibit complete with hundreds of life-sized models. I don’t think ‘honest’ is a strong enough world. I prefer ‘genuine.’

The best way to think of Nikki’s mind is to imagine an endless field of waist-high sunflowers draped beneath the red sky of an Italian sunset, a soft breeze whispering from the north. In this field, there are no rules or responsibilities, no cell phones or meetings, no present nor future- just the flowers, the breeze and the warm kiss of the sun. This is Nikki’s reality and anything that happens in our world is just a distraction from the sunflower field- something she will eventually banish from her red and golden paradise. This could be considered ‘forgetful.’ I prefer ‘gracefully carefree.’

This blog is her portal, her calling. Through it, she will bring you along as we careen headfirst into the rest of our lives- navigating careers, marriage, parenting and whatever else may come. It will, indeed, be an adventure- one I hope will include sunflower fields. You may call it ‘chaotic.’ We’ll just call it ‘life.’