Haunted Tablescape in under $30

If you’re like me and you love Halloween AND home decor, you’re wanting to deck out your digs because… tis the season! Especially if you’re planning on hosting a Haunted Party.

However, if you’re not wanting to spend a fortune, you can get by with purchasing the bare minimum and using a collection of items that you already have in your home to complete the ensemble.

The theme here (other than Halloween- obvi) is layers. I love the high and low of this table piece and the dimensions the different heights add. The layers also allow you to mix and match a variety of items, style them together and pass it off as a very intentional display.

Below I’ve shown how I’ve transformed our dining room into being Halloween-ready for under $30.


Here, you can see how I stacked and layered the different items. These beautiful rust-colored containers were $1 from Target and are multi-functional- they can be reused year round!

You can see in the background that I’ve used more of those same containers as a decorative way to hold the cutlery. I also picked up these fun spider bowls for $1 at Dollar Tree. They will be perfect for holding candy or I may throw a cloth down and cover it with other edible finger foods.

When I first saw these wall decals at Target, I was nervous they would be cheesy. However, at $3 for the package, I was willing to risk it. They came out way better than I expected (I’m obsessed!) and they add some great spooky touches around the room.

These planters are temporary homes to candy in lieu of plants. I got the clear punch bowls for $1 each from Dollar Tree.

This white, vintage goblet normally sits on a bookshelf, but I thought it would be perfect to layer into this tablescape. I purchased these mini pumpkins for $3 for a sleeve of 4 from Target, and I am absolutely loving the two-tone paint and the white, black and gold color scheme!

 Another use for these containers: Spooky Lollipop Holders!

This glass vase was $1 from Dollar Tree and perfect for displaying these little pumpkins. I had some extra room in the vase so I stuffed the bottom with black streamers to give the pumpkins a little lift. (Streamers were $1 for a pack of 2 rolls from Dollar Tree.)

Here, you can see more clearly how I layered some items we already had (books, wine bottle, goblet vase, wooden decor balls) around my Halloween decor.

Lastly, I placed candles everywhere for that spooky dim light that will set the tone for the party.

Happy haunting, everyone!

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