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DIY: Cleaning Bathroom Grout

We’re still planning out our upcoming home renovation, but one thing we’ve decided is that we will not be renovating any of our bathrooms in the house. The only thing that bothered me about this decision was the flooring in our upstairs bathroom. While the house was in pretty much immaculate condition when we moved in, this particular floor was yellowed with age.

That is a nice way of saying it was just plain nasty. I couldn’t shake the thought of having a newly renovated house…and then one dingy bathroom that looked like it belonged in a run down motel.

We had friends in town one weekend, and I asked them if they thought any kind of grout cleaner would salvage the look of the bathroom or if it just simply needed new tiles…. they responded that they thought the grout was just a cream-colored grout and that there wasn’t much I could do if I wanted a shiny white floor.

I was totally bummed.

However, over the weekend while I was doing laundry, I happened to glance at the back of our OxiClean box and saw that one of the listed uses was cleaning grout. I figured it was at least worth a shot. If my attempt to clean the floor didn’t work out then I was only out the time that I put into it.

Spoiler Alert: The grout in our upstairs bathroom is actually white and the OxiClean did a wonderful job restoring it to its pearly white state! However… every rose has it’s thorn. This cleaning experience exposed a whole new level of problems. More on that later…


Grout, Cleaning, Bathroom, DIY, OxiClean


Grout, Cleaning, Bathroom, DIY, OxiClean

For those of you who are not wanting to spend lots of money and have some time on your hands, here’s how I accomplished this.



Mix the OxiClean with water in the bucket according to the directions on the back of the box.

Lightly **lightly** layer the mixture over the grout and let soak for 30 minutes.

Scrub grout where needed with your handy dandy brush. (I highly recommend a brush over a sponge, although a sponge would work too.)

Wipe up all excess water with a towel.

With a second damp towel, wipe down floor once more.


Our Results:

Grout, Cleaning, Bathroom, DIY, OxiClean Grout, Cleaning, Bathroom, DIY, OxiClean Grout, Cleaning, Bathroom, DIY, OxiClean Grout, Cleaning, Bathroom, DIY, OxiClean


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