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Organization Tips and Tricks for Sanity

Okay, so I admit I’m not an organized person by nature. However, the older I get, the more I feel the need to reduce the chaos in my life as much as possible. Am I getting more parenty and adulty or what?

I don’t know about you guys, but if I could hire The Home Edit to come organize…well, my entire life, I totally would. But in the meantime I’m stuck trying to do it myself. (Insert all the eye rolls.) Maybe this is a skill set that you already have (totes jelly) or maybe you’re like me and just trying to fake it till you make it.

Anyway- leading up to the big renovation has left us in this weird limbo of not knowing what to really unpack or set up. As a result, our house is in a state of being only  half functional, and living in and working from home in a structure that is only half functional and half unpacked can really drive a girl quite mad.

However, there are steps I’ve taken to help mitigate the weirdness and manage the chaos. #parenty #adulty

I’m learning that it’s all about containers and dividers.

My Favorite Projects

J.Nicolette, Kitchen, Organization, Pantry, Baking, Jars

I’m unabashed in saying that my favorite organizational project thus far has been organizing my baking materials/pantry items. These jars are my absolute favorite with their little chalk board labels. Before, I kept these items in their original bags, closed with a rubber band or chip clip. It was always such a pain to try and find things, and the rubber bands didn’t not seal my flours well.

J.Nicolette, Kitchen, Organization, Pantry, Baking, Jars

Now, not only am I able to store all my pantry items in a cutesy little way (perfect for those trendy exposed shelves), but I’m also not married to the label that I put on the jar. I’m kind of a freak, and sometimes for the goodies I make frequently (donuts, bagels, etc.) I’ll make large batches of the dry ingredients to have on hand. These little jars allow me the flexibility to store those pre-made mixes, and whenever I finish them, I can just wash them with soap and water and I’m free to reuse and relabel.

I’m obsessed. (Also- shout out to  Adam for actually finding these Hobby Lobby jars and ordering them to jump start my beautiful pantry dreams.)

But it doesn’t stop there. Another space I’ve spent a lot of time on (despite the impending tear down) is my office. I spend 40+ hours a week in this room, and I’m the type of person who loves to spend time in spaces that feel good. Since the rest of our house feels like chaos and clutter, I wanted to make sure my office feels structured and intentional.

There were lots of little organizational items that I picked up from Target and Marshalls to  create space and order in my office, but my favorite project was re-thinking how to use this bookshelf. In our old home, each of the shelves was lined to the edges with books. That was great in our old office, but our office space is much smaller in the new house so I didn’t want the room to feel as full. To create an airy and more spacious feel, I decided to switch it up and organize the shelves to be a combination of light, functional and decorative.

J.Nicolette, Office, Organization

Items to Tame the Madness

We’ve got a long road ahead, but I’ve really been intentional about creating structure in the rooms where we spend the most time. For us, that is the kitchen and my office. Below are the items that I’m loving that have helped me tame the madness.


J.Nicolette, Pantry, Storage, Home, Organization, Organizer, Glass, Container, ChalkboardJ.Nicolette, Pantry, Storage, Home, Organization, Organizer, Glass, Container, Chalkboard, Mason JarJ.Nicolette, Pantry, Storage, Home, Organization, Organizer, Glass, Container, Chalkboard, Mason Jar

Chalk Marker, Hobby Lobby


J.Nicolette Office Organizer- TargetJ.Nicolette Desk Organizer

J.Nicolette Marble Dry Erase Board
I opted for two square boards instead of the 9″x11″ but I wasn’t able to find the link. Sorry!

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