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Beach Escape

Do you guys have any fun plans for the 4th??

I could not be more excited to take a break from house responsibilities and head down to 30A in Florida with family. It’ll be Riv’s first time to the beach, and I can’t wait to see his reaction when his little toes feel sand for the first time. It’s one of those funny mom traits that I now have, and the thought of seeing him experience something for the first time just makes me giddy.

And I know he’s going to LOVE the ocean. Seriously- y’all. If bath time is an indicator of how much he loves water, then I don’t know that we’ll ever get him to leave. Right now he’s absolutely obsessed with bath time. He’ll stay in there until his little toes shrivel into prunes, just laughing and splashing and playing with toys. Whenever we decide to finally drag him out of his baby bath, he gets so upset and cries at us. Every. Single. Time.

Anyway- with all the hustle and bustle we’ve had recently, Adam and I are also selfishly looking forward to some time to just relax without house projects looming over our heads. Last year when we took our beach trip I was pregnant, so this time I decided to treat myself to some new swim suits to celebrate my less round figure.

Beach Day Vacay Fashion

I’ve been anticipating this vacation for MONTHS now and I’ve been scouting new bathing suits for just as long. If you guys haven’t checked out Cupshe, you must. I discovered this brand and seriously couldn’t be happier. The prices are extremely affordable (we’re talking about a complete swimsuit for $25!), and they’ve got a huge selection of trendy styles for all different body types. Also, leading up to the 4th of July, they’re having HUGE sales >> up to 50% off plus free shipping. So do yourselves a favor and check them out here.

I’ll also link the swimsuits I ordered at the bottom along with some of my other favorites.


See you at the beach!


Cupshe, Beach, Vacation, Fashion, Bikini, SwimsuitCupshe, Beach, Vacation, Fashion, Bikini, Swimsuit       Cupshe, Beach, Vacation, Fashion, Bikini, Swimsuit  Cupshe, Beach, Vacation, Fashion, Bikini, Swimsuit

Cupshe, Beach, Vacation, Fashion, Bikini, Swimsuit

Cupshe, Beach, Vacation, Fashion, Bikini, Swimsuit


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