The Chicago House Hunt

On Friday our little family left at 6 a.m. to spend the day house hunting in Chicago. We’re getting down to crunch time now so we fully expected to find a nice fixer upper and make an offer. We started the day saying, “We can’t wait to pick out our home today!”

The day actually went more like, “Let’s get out of this house before we die in it.”

That’s a direct quote from our realtor.

The day ended with all of us sitting on the floor of a vacant home, desperately scrounging up a Plan B.

On the drive back to Champaign, we wrestled with the decision of what to do. Our goal was to have a contract on a house by Tuesday so we really didn’t have much wiggle room. We had just seen twelve houses and were only considering two as options. One house was in a location we didn’t care for (so that was out) and the other house was almost perfect. That’s a big emphasis on the almost.

It had just about everything we wanted. It was gorgeous and at a great price. The location was exactly where we wanted to be. In fact, it was so gorgeous and the price was so attractive that there had already been second showings even though it had only been on the market for two days. We would have to act fast.

But the kitchen…

Oh, the kitchen.

This is where we had to have a serious discussion about our priorities. We needed a house by Tuesday, but sacrificing our kitchen space would make a serious impact on how we live our lives in the day-to-day.

Right now the kitchen is truly the heart of our home. We love making meals together. We love having people over to share those meals. We love the interactions that happen in that space.

So should we compromise the heart of our home or take a chance and believe that the right house would appear in a couple days?


We may be a little crazy, but we ended up passing on all twelve houses. (Keep in mind that there have been several home scouting trips to Chicago, so we were really down to the bottom of the barrel with these twelve homes.)

On the way home, I flipped through the photos of that almost perfect home and found myself trying to make it feel right.

I just couldn’t get there.

I just couldn’t convince myself that the beautiful house in the perfect location was the one for us. Luckily, Adam is incredibly supportive of my gut instincts so we opted to do the crazy and just trust that God would provide. (But trust me…we were seriously sweating. Like- totally freaking out.)

I ended up going back up to Chicago solo on Sunday and we’ve currently got something in the works.

Hopefully we’ll have positive updates for you all soon!

Until then…we’ll still be sweating.



  1. Excited for y’all to find the right home!! ❤️ Can’t wait for an update!
    And I’m sure Jackson would love to meet River soon and a trip to Chicago is always fun!!! ✈️?

    1. Thanks, Raghan! I can’t wait for River and Jackson to meet!! That is going to be so cool. Are we going to be Music Fest moms one day?? ha You guys always have an open invitation to come visit and stay. 🙂

    1. Thank you!! I agree that it’s SUPER stressful. But we finally found the one! It’s the perfect fixer upper where we can really transform the kitchen into the heart of the home. We are so excited!

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