Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s day is quickly approaching and I’ve rounded up some items to make gift giving especially easy this year.

As a first time mom, I know that I can vouch for always wanting beauty products to help me look awake, t-shirts for comfort and coffee for…well life. Oh, and vacation. I am always dreaming of vacation.

Here are some gift ideas to touch on all of the above!

Spoil your mama this Mother’s Day with some of these items.

1. Ily Couture Mom Tee– Cozy tee and minimalist graphic. I love! Oh- and it’s on SALE.

2. No. 1 Brightening Facial Mask– Give your mama the gift of brightened, refreshed skin. While I’m sure she would appreciate a couple extra hours in the day to catch some additional zzz’s, the next best thing would be a product to help fake it!

3. Sheer Lipstick– I’m a big fan of subtle color to brighten up any look. This lipstick is sheer and moisturizing, just in time for summer! Oh, and did I mention- no synthetic fragrances.

4. Escape Canvas Bag– I dream of this weekender tote. Such a fun adventure bag with a beautifully classic design, fit for a vacation to anywhere.

5. Mom life mug– Mom life is the best life. Ain’t that the truth?! My favorite thing about this mug is the size. Small coffee mugs are for…well, people who sleep. The only thing better than a big mug would be an IV.

Click on any item below to shop :

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