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Chambray Summer & Spring Cleaning

The spring cleaning has begun!! Because of our upcoming move, I’ve taken cleaning to the next level and we’re being extremely intentional with what we’re keeping and what we’re tossing.

It’s amazing just how much stuff you can accumulate over the years. I’ve still got t-shirts left from high school that I never wear, and now they just take up space in our dresser drawers. Our house is pretty much bursting at the seems, and we’re capitalizing on this move to really simplifying our belongings.

While cleaning is typically pretty daunting, I’ve actually been really looking forward to this cleansing of stuff. When Adam and I first got married, we combined everything we owned and arranged our house to make it work. Two years later, we’ve grown, our style has evolved, and we’re looking to our Chicago home as a fresh space- a sort of blank canvas where we can create something that really feels good to us. Not just another home full of stuff.

So yesterday Adam and I went around with sticky notes and put a post-it on all the things that won’t be making the move.

I also slimmed down my closet to only the pieces that I love, and now everything hangs neatly instead of being crammed in. It was so refreshing to look at that heaping pile of discarded clothes and know that I was parting with the items that had become nothing more that stuff to me. If I didn’t love it and if it wasn’t useful, it was gone.

After our cleaning frenzy, we indulged ourselves in a little outdoor time since the weather is was absolutely amazing.

What I Wore

One of my favorite pieces in my closet is this chambray shirt. I’m absolutely loving the chambray summer trend because of the lightweight fabric and how versatile it can be. Dress it up for a chic, breezy look or dress it down for a more casual day in the park.

Scroll down for some of my top summer Chambray picks!

women's fashion, spring, chambraywomen's fashion, spring, chambray women's fashion, spring, chambray women's fashion, spring, chambray women's fashion, spring, chambray

My Chambray Summer Picks:


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