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Good-bye, Champaign Home- We’re moving!


We actually sold it a while ago. In less than 24 hours. Seriously.

Talk about a whirlwind… It was killing me to wait to share this awesome news, but now the paperwork is finalized and everything is good to go!

As soon as I start reflecting on all that this house has meant to us I get a little bit weepy. I just can’t believe how these two years have flown by.

When Adam and I first saw pictures of this home, neither of us even considered it as an option. However, after seeing 18 homes one weekend and not loving any of them, our realtor talked us into just one more. We pulled up in the driveway and walked into this vacant house. Each room was painted a different shade of Easter with paper borders along the ceiling. The fixtures were dated. The accents were awful.

It needed updates. Lots of them.

Adam didn’t think it was the right home for us.

I loved it.

And because the lady loved the house, we put in an offer and the rest is history.

Over these past two years, I’ve absolutely loved making this home our own. It has been such a fun journey in discovering and meshing our styles together. Adam and I had so many conversations about how we wanted our home to feel, and ultimately we decided we wanted it to be homey and inviting. We wanted a welcoming space where people could gather.

This house has definitely served that purpose.

As sad as we are to say good-bye this house and this chapter, we are having so much fun dreaming up our next home in the city.

I’ve decided to capture the whole moving process here in this space, so we’re excited to share the house hunting, the moving, and the settling in with you guys!

Below: A peak into our home

Photos from our house listing



  1. Beautiful place❗️Prayers for a safe and successful move. Be happy.
    Don’t ever lose those beautiful smiles. Y’all are sooo cute❣️
    Luv ya, deb

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