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Pop Punk Wifestyles and SewSublimeDesigns

When Adam and I first moved to Champaign, we were very intentional about getting out and trying to make friends. Shortly after classes started, a classmate invited Adam and me to the Saturday Farmer’s Market in Urbana to hang out with some of the guys and their wives.

When you move to a new city it’s hard to imagine what’s in store, especially when it comes to finding a new community. However, when we walked up, I saw Brittney and her husband standing there and thought, “They will be our new friends.”

It was instant.

I just remember thinking that Brittney was so cool.

She was propped against a stroller in a worn out t-shirt with maroon hair braided into a mohawk. Her husband stood near with their oldest daughter. He was wearing a hoodie and thick framed glasses.

These are my kinds of people. 

That was the exact thought in my head. They’ve since become some of our closest friends here.

I suppose to understand how natural the chemistry was, I have to admit my undying love for pop punk.

I know…how embarrassing.

I thought it was just a high school phase, something I would eventually grow out of, but I’d be lying if I said my son didn’t listen to his fair share of Taking Back Sunday and Fall Out Boy in utero.

Pop punk, I just can’t quit you…

Anyway, we bonded over our collective love of “the scene” and reminisced on the shows we used to frequent in our younger years.

After I found out I was pregnant, Brittney was the person I turned to and asked, “So how does one ‘mother?'”

I totally trusted her because I’ve witnessed what a great mom she is, but I also loved that she wasn’t your stereotypical mom. She didn’t have kids and then decide that she needed to give up her awesome style to play a part. In fact, she’s so committed to her style that she created the coolest bibs and accessories for her kids so that they’d have awesome things too.

We would make craft store runs together, and I loved watching her pick out fabric to make things for her girls. Whenever she would bring them over, they were always rocking their bandanna bibs as a part of their outfits, and they were absolutely adorable!

All of this to stay, she recently decided to use her skills to create awesome, fashionable baby things, and she’s sharing them with the world!

In her Etsy shop, SewSublimeDesign, she’s selling bibs in scarf and bandanna styles with trendy and edgy designs. Not only are they an awesome outfit add, but these fashion bibs are lined with a waterproof inner layer for longer wear.  Quality and fashion combined. What more could you ask for?

Now that Riv is starting to cut teeth, I can attest to how perfect they are for drooly, teething babies. Riv loves them! Plus…I’ll share a few photos as proof of just how absolutely adorable they look on.

She’s got all kinds of different designs, so be sure to check them out!

Also, Brittney has included an exclusive offer for my readers! Use the coupon code JNICOLETTE at check out and get $5 off your purchase! This offer is good until the 28th.

Check out her shop here!


Flannel Riv:

Hardcore Riv:

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